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Seniors' Yellow Ball Competition

Monday 30th March 2020

The AGM Yellow Ball Competition will be held on Monday 30th March 2020.

Immediately following the completion of this competition, lunch and the Seniors' AGM will take place. 

The entry sheet and the lunch menu selections will  be on the senior’s notice board at the Premier course. 

If you wish to play in the competition and/or attend the AGM lunch, please add your name and lunch choice to the form on the notice board.

The cut-off date for entry into this competition and attendance at the lunch is Monday 23rd March

Alternatively you can send your requests / details direct to Walter Reis by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

 Competition Rules:-

  • 3 Man Teams - Playing off 7/8ths handicap
  • Balanced Draw by Handicap
  • Stableford scores are taken for the Yellow Ball and one other player on each hole except on par three holes where ALL three scores count.
  • The Yellow ball changes hands on every hole in same order. If Yellow ball is lost, there is no team score on that hole. For the remainder of holes a new ball is nominated as the Yellow ball.
  • Abbreviated versions of these rules will already be attached to your score cards on competition day.


  1. Winners, Runners-Up, 3rd Place Teams
  2. Nearest the pin on 15th (wine)
  3. Nearest the pin in three shots on the 18th (wine)

Competition - Tees

This format will necessitate that we utilise both the 1st and 11th tees and if, as is anticipated, we have approximately 50 players, we will also have to use the 17th tee. Apologies, as t many of you do not like to tee off on the 11th and the 17th and it will also be a very early start for some of you.


It is anticipated that the first meal to be served approximately 12:30

We will be providing Macdonalds with a list of names, their meal choices and the approximate time they will be coming in. By staggering the meals, as we have done in previous years, the majority of the players should have finished their meals before the start of the AGM (approximately 1:30). Unfortunately, some of you may still be finishing off your meals at the time the AGM starts.

 If there is nothing on this year’s menu that you fancy (dietary reasons or others), please let Walter know by email and he'll endeavour to get something sorted.

Please follow this link for the LUNCH MENU