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Seniors' Inter-Club Matches

2019 Inter - Club Match Calendar

Date Club Where Overall Result
Thurs 25 April Vicars Cross Away 1.5 - 6.5 Lost
Fri 3 May Sandiway Away  3 - 5 Lost
Thurs 9 May Helsby Away  3 - 4 Lost
Fri 17 May Crewe Home  4 - 3  Won
Thurs 23 May Mere Home  1.5 - 5.5  Lost
Fri 7 June Vale Royal Home 5 - 2  Won
Thurs 20 June Dunham Home 4 - 2   Won
Fri 28 June Warrington Home  4.5 - 3.5  Won
Wed 3 July Dunham Away  2.5 - 4.5  Lost
Wed 17 July Mere Away  3.5 - 4.5  Lost
Thurs 25 July Vale Royal Away  4 - 4  AS
Thurs 1 August Vicars Cross Home  4 - 4  AS
Wed 7 August Warrington Away  2 - 6  Lost
Thurs 15 August Sandiway Home  2.5 - 5.5  Lost
Fri 23 August Crewe Away  0.5 - 7.5  Lost
Thurs 5 Sept Helsby Home  5 - 2  Won
Fri 20 Sept Portal Arderne Home  5 - 0  Won



Register to play in these hard fought Matches either by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by filling in the list on the Seniors' Noticeboard.

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Arderne (H)

The Portal members and Arderne members have been sharing the same resort for nearly 6 years now.

The Ladies have had some joint events but nothing had been organised between the men.

The two Presidents organised a meeting and decided it was time to start with a small inaugural event on the Premier.

The Arderne members should be applauded for the efforts that have made with their club house and breathing life back into the Arderne course. They are very proud of their club and would like the opportunity to stage more joint events. Presidents and Captains from both clubs will work on this together as 2020 approaches.

The match itself was played in a very good spirit and as often happens home advantage was key to the result

Mr President Pat Roper - Captain of the Day


Helsby (H)

Early heavy showers eventually gave way to bright sunshine. Overnight rain had dampened down the fairways resulting in not much run on the ball, but the greens in contrast, remained fast and true. The course looked to be in very good condition.

It was a very pleasant match in which Portal won some close games by a 5 - 2 margin. Since the result at Helsby had been 4 - 3 in Helsby’s favour, the overall result was an 8 - 6 win for Portal. Portal therefore regained the trophy which is now displayed in the Club Trophy cabinet.

John Firth - Captain of the Day


Crewe (A)

A lovely day out at Crewe Golf Club for our penultimate match of the season (apart from the Arderne match).

The weather couldn't have been better, the course was in good condition and the company was excellent as usual.

However, there was a large cloud over the proceedings! Although we beat them at Portal 4 - 3, they retaliated with a resounding 0.5 - 7.5 thrashing, making the overall result of  4.5 - 10.5! This resulted in Crewe retaining the trophy again this year.

Special mention must go to Tim Reeve and Ben Martin for their halved match preventing the whitewash!

On a happier note the meal was up to Crewe's normal brilliant standard - lamb Shank with vegetables and the usual groaning sweets board and coffee!

Here's to next year

Adrian Cross - Captain of the Day


Sandiway (H)

My report is short and sweet! The best things to say about the match are:

*the weather was kind, we kept dry, though the wind was a challenge

*the social  aspects of the match  were very successful

On the other hand:

*we lost 5 ½ to 2 ½ (10 – 5 ½ home and away)

*we didn’t even get nearest the pin

*we must try harder

Here's to next year!

Alun Newby - Captain of the Day

Follow this link for full 'name and shame' results FULL RESULTS


Warrington  (A)

The Seniors match at Warrington on 7 August started in bright sunshine and the team full of hope. Torrential rain during the round dampened the spirits but not as much as the 6 to 2 reversal of fortune.

Several home players played well below their handicaps and Captain Ray Houlton was issued with a 'dog licence' despite playing to his handicap partnering David Lilley. A commanding performance from Tom Doyle and Jerry Tweddle brought our only win.

We did however claim both 'nearest the pin' prizes (although it is alleged that a certain Webmaster purposely left the 'NtP' marker in such a position as to deflect the CoD's efforts to take the wine!)

Ray Houlton - Captain of the Day


Vicars Cross  (H)

The weather forecast was ‘overcast but dry’. As the morning progressed the weather improved and the match ended in strong sunshine.

Most (but not all!) of the games were close and that was reflected in the overall result. In our game the lead fluctuated and the difference between the pairs never got more than +/- 1 until the 17th green when Francis rolled in a long put to win the hole and secure the game.

Our guests liked the course which was in good condition. The greens remained true and fast in spite of the heavy rain earlier in the week.

A very pleasant match played in good spirit.

John Firth - Captain of the Day


Vale Royal Abbey  (A)

Not quite the hottest day ever but a huge improvement on the home fixture which was limited to ten holes to dodge a deluge!

Thanks to Colin Albel for playing a blinder over the last few holes and for collecting the money and to John Firth for organising the fixtures.

The match was halved, the hospitality was great and we all trudged home to sit in a bucket of ice.  Happy days.

Vale Royal 4 : Portal 4

Ben Martin - Captain of the Day


Mere  (A)

What a splendid day. All the team were there early, some resplendent in the new team strip colours and the weather nice and sunny. As usual the hospitality offered by Tom Cordwell, the Mere Captain of the  Day, and his team was par excellence.

I believe all the matches were fought in a very gentlemanly but competitive manner followed by great food. The only downside of the day was that we just lost the match by 4½ to 3½.

Thanks to all the team, especially my partner, Ray Houlton, for making it a great day.

Rodney Grace - Captain of the Day


Dunham Forest  (A)

As they could not raise a full team, Adrian Cross 'crossed over' and played for Dunham (and very well he did too, beating the Webmaster and partner, David Orr!!)

A perfect day for golf - blue skies - not too hot.

As their fairways were not yet fully knitted after last years drought, preferred lies were still in operation, although not really needed

With their usual welcome and hospitality, we partook of an excellent meal - fish and chips - fruit salad and ice cream.

The only cloud in the sky was, unfortunately, the fact that Portal lost 2.5 - 4.5.

Dave Lilley - Captain of the Day


Warrington (H)

The home fixture against Warrington on 28th June was held on a day when the sun shone all day. The course was in excellent condition but a tricky wind put good ball striking at a premium.

The result was in doubt until the final group came in to give Portal victory 4 ½ to 3 ½.

Consternation at the end of the meal when Mr President was offered for sale for £750. There have been 3 bids but none have reached the reserve. Offers to Ray in a sealed envelope by Friday. Alternatively you can have 2 past captains for £500 BOGOF

Ray Houlton - Captain of the Day


Dunham Forest (H)


Vale Royal Abbey (H)

The forecast was dire with heavy rain due by noon, so it was agreed that ten holes would suffice.

Vindication arrived for us on the tenth green as the first spots of rain arrived. By the time we were all safely gathered in the bar it was pouring down and by the time we finished a hearty lunch the putting green was flooded!

The match was won by five to two. 

Thanks to Adrian for playing a blinder and collecting the dosh and to John Firth for organising the team.

Ben Martin

Captain of the day


Mere (H)

It was a warm sunny day with a light breeze – ideal conditions for golf.

Our visitors were very complimentary about the course and in particular they mentioned the quality of the fairways. As always with matches against Mere it was a friendly meeting and the golf was played in good spirit.

Several matches were halved and others were narrow victories for the Mere Team – so perhaps the result was closer than the overall score suggests - lost 1½ - 5½

John Firth – Captain of the Day


Crewe (H)

After starting in what looked like 'rain-threatening ' weather, the match was played in good conditions and towards the end it was pleasantly sunny and warm.

The course was given several very good compliments, and  the rhododendron displays were also singled out for mention.

As always with Crewe the fellowship was good  and we managed to pull off a close 4--3 win ( only 14 a side).

Crewe hold the trophy after the overall score in the two matches last year , so to regain it we need to get a draw at worst in the return match in late August.

Bob Hunter - Captain of the Day


Helsby (A)

There was a steady drizzle for most of the match. The course was in good condition and the greens were excellent. Persistent rain made it more difficult to release the ball from the rough but the greens remained true.

As always, the hospitality was excellent, with a warm welcome, hot showers and a good meal.

The result was close – but we lost narrowly 4-3 (details below)

Helsby Team


Portal Team



Jeff Mulholland

Tony Williams


John Firth

Ben Martin





Howard Jones

Bob Primrose


Les Payne

Petar Sobic





Andy Don

Duncan Goodhall


Tim Reeve

Rodney Grace





Bill Jones

Mike Kelleher


Harry Cooke

Philip Earl





Mike Wilson

Ric Harrison


Colin Albel

Stephen Sambell





Keith Trenell

Clive Jones


Gordon Holland

Paul Roach





George Randells

Hugh Constable


Adrian Cross

David Orr





John Firth – Captain of the Day


Sandiway (A)

The weather was very good and we dodged the forecast squally showers.

The course was in excellent condition as always

The hospitality was excellent with a good meal and hot showers

Thanks to organiser John Firth and to Tim Reeve for stepping in at short notice, and winning his game  4 and 3 with Dave Mansell.

The match was close but we lost 5-3 (details below)

Sandiway Team    Portal Team Result

Steve Turner (Captain)


Alun Newby (CoD)


Peter Heyes   Colin Albel 1 down
Alan Percival   Tim Reeve W
Paul Irwin   David Mansell 4&3
John Fraser   Jim Wren L
Eric Hughes   Harry Cooke 1 down
David Cade   Adrian Cross W
Michael Bamford   Philip Earl 2&1
David Chester   Malcolm Davenport L
Rob Chapman   Peter Wilson 2&1
Graham Woodroofe   Rodney Grace L
John Basnett   Walter Reis 1 down
John Leleu   John Firth L
Richard Allen   Arnie Sheppard 1 down
Allen Giles   Bob Hunter W
Fred Jones   Francis Evans 2 up

Alun Newby - Captain of the Day

Vicars X (Away)

The match at Vicars Cross didn't go quite to plan even with a good turn out of 16 players! The weather for the most part behaved apart from the last few matches did catch a hail shower. Their course was in very good shape greens very fast took a bit of getting used to.

The food was excellent and we ate as we came in although VX's Captain was disappointed that we couldn't use two tees for the match as it made for a long time before everyone got in. Emma has agreed that we can use two  tees on our home matches.

The result was a disappointing 6.5 - 1.5 to the Vicars and the school report says 'can do better, must try harder'



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